Install an individual set on NetBSD

Submitted by Fekete Zoltán on Wed, 05/22/2019 - 10:29

Save your settings, and run commands like this to install a single set to your system:

- save your settings first
# tar -cvJpf etc.tar.xz /etc
# tar -Jxvpf base.tar.xz -C /
- do the same with other sets except for etc and xetc

# etcupdate -av -s etc.tar.xz -s xetc.tar.xz
# postinstall fix

Then reboot to be on the safe side.

Rebuild installed packages for a certain host in pkgsrc

Submitted by Fekete Zoltán on Tue, 04/30/2019 - 09:23

You have a machine (a master host) with several idividually installed packages. You want those packages to be rebuilt somewhere else (slave host). Do this:

1. On the master host
# pkg_info -Q PKGPATH -a > pkgs_i_want_to_have
2. Copy the generated file to the slave host, and issue as root:
# cat pkgs_i_want_to_have | (while read pp ; do cd /usr/pkgsrc/$pp ; make && make bin-install ; done)

Simple enough, eh?

NetBSD hdaudio jack detection
If you have an Analog Devices AD1984A audio chip, and could not have headphones jack working, apply the the patch below, and recompile the kernel.
Fekete Zoltán Mon, 03/20/2017 - 11:20